Jun 10

Rodolfo’s by Olvera St [Los Angeles]

by Matt


Olvera Street is the birthplace of Los Angeles! Now it’s a tiny tourist trap with serapes and masks everywhere and some little tacos shops.

At Rodolfo’s we enjoyed some very authentic asada, chicken, and carnitas tacos there. Then we ordered a more-American hard shell taco which was fried-to-order – yes! Getting these tacos at such a tourist trap makes me believe that even bad California tacos are better than most east coast tacos.






  1. My husband has been eating here as long as he can remember. Since we got together he has taken me there a lot of times too and it is our favourite place for Mexican food. I love the enchiladas and the beans. My husband loves the taquitos there too.

  2. Well if you want foods to compliment it, you’ll prablboy end up with mostly mexican themed foods. . .But you could have, corn bread, rice, salad, beans, roasted chicken, pasta of some sort. . . . Either that or maybe keep the tacos on one side, and then on the other side have something completely different like some italian food or something, and then people can choose what table they would like.

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