March, 2010

Mar 10

Oaxaca Taqueria Coming to 4th Ave [Brooklyn]

Crappy pic courtesy of Eric at BrooklynLyceum’s iPhone

Brownstoner reports a new taco place coming to 4th ave. Of course, after I move from 4th ave! People are speculating if it’s the same Oaxaca from Smith St. I hope not because I’m about equidistant to Smith St so I’d like a new place to try!

Mar 10

Taco Bell’s Pacific Shrimp Tacos

When I was a kid, Taco Bell was my favorite fast food place. Now that I’m educated, I don’t really eat there unless I’m drunk and I try to keep it vegetarian. However, Taco Bell now has a new offering, which I know will be disgusting, but I’m finding it hard to resist! says it’s not good! Next time I’m in the suburbs (I can’t eat city ‘Bell) I may have to try. Review @

Mar 10

Ethan Hawke, Tacos, Murders [Brooklyn]

Ethan Hawke was eating tacos in Brooklyn and some shit went down! Eating tacos can be a dangerous sport. Unfortunately, no one mentions where he was eating or if it was good!

After spying this photo, looks like they were filming in Brownsville, which is pretty serious!

Mar 10

Loading Dock Taco Cart on Tillary St [Brooklyn]


I’ve noticed this weird loading dock creation while driving by on Tillary St. I just thought someone had put some Christmas lights on their loading dock – because it’s no place for a food cart! But The Brooklyn Paper informs me that this is god damn taco cart! Now, only if it weren’t impossible to get to on foot. I used to live on Tillary and Gold St. Literally dodging bullets on the way to the bodega back then, I hope I grab a taco, un-grazed!

The Loading Dock
170 Tillary St. between Flatbush Avenue and Gold Street
Tuesday-Sunday, 11 am-3 pm
Wednesday-Saturday, 6-10 pm.
Cash only.

[A taco cart opens in Downtown — no, this is big]