January, 2011

Jan 11

Tillary Loading Dock Tacos Closing After Blizzard Bandit Steals Truck [Brooklyn]

Photo by Cheryl Tan (Click above for her review)

Sad news that the taco joint on Tillary Street, Loading Dock, is closing after their new $25,000 taco truck was stolen. Seems that the taco place was already in financial uncertainty and this recent event sent them over the edge. Luckily, insurance should help with the stolen truck but for now they’re closing up shop on Tillary street. Even though I’ve had their great tacos, I never got to formally review them. Cheryl Tan has an in-depth write up here.

The loading dock location will close Jan 30. Their tacos will still be available at the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene.

[via Brooklyn PaperBrooklyn Flea]