Feb 13

Breakfast Tacos at Lobo on Court St. [Brooklyn]
by Matt



Feb 13

Cariño in Williamsburg [Brooklyn]
by Matt

Beef tongue taco, lamb taco, American taco.



Crispy pork cheek tostada

Feb 13

Seersucker Breakfast Tacos on Smith St [Brooklyn]
by Matt


Pretty good. Didn’t blow my mind.



Aug 11

Fishy Fishy Taco
by Matt

Jul 11

Reunion Surf Bar Tacos in Hell’s Kitchen [Manhattan]
by Matt

Located at 357 West 44th Street, Reunion is an underground surf bar with some very good vegetarian tacos. It’s gets very crowded with the after-work crowd.

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Mar 11

Getting Pitted at Surf Taco [New Jersey]
by Matt

Baja Surf Taco: Tempura cod, cabbage, pico, cilantro sauce, lime

New Jersey has a hidden secret. No, it’s not the supplier of Pauly D’s hair gel. It’s Surf Taco! Most people I’ve asked have never heard of it but it’s awesome! If for some gnarly reason you find yourself in New Jersey, check to see if there is a Surf Taco near by. I recently munched on these bodacious shrimp and cod tacos.

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Jan 11

Tillary Loading Dock Tacos Closing After Blizzard Bandit Steals Truck [Brooklyn]
by Matt

Photo by Cheryl Tan (Click above for her review)

Sad news that the taco joint on Tillary Street, Loading Dock, is closing after their new $25,000 taco truck was stolen. Seems that the taco place was already in financial uncertainty and this recent event sent them over the edge. Luckily, insurance should help with the stolen truck but for now they’re closing up shop on Tillary street. Even though I’ve had their great tacos, I never got to formally review them. Cheryl Tan has an in-depth write up here.

The loading dock location will close Jan 30. Their tacos will still be available at the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene.

[via Brooklyn PaperBrooklyn Flea]

Oct 10

Today is National Taco Day!
by Matt


Aug 10

Guacamole Tacos with Grasshoppers
by Matt

[via Cultivating Life]

Aug 10

Black & Cream Temporary Taqueria at East River Bar Patio [Brooklyn]
by Matt


I was excited for this event since I missed every other taco-related event this summer. We bought two $8 tickets in advance – not sure why because no one checked any tickets. We’ve been to a lot of food events this summer so maybe we were expecting too much. This wasn’t so much an event as it was just a temporary taco truck selling over-marketed food. The result: waiting 1 hr for two bean tacos, some arugula and a picked pepper. The tacos were OK, but the 1 hr wait was not – a poorly managed event left a bitter taste in our mouth. The beans needed some salt but the taco overall showed some thought was put into it. I did enjoy the carbonated iced coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee. To full the void in our stomachs, we finished the night with a burrito and taco from Little Mexico at The Woods (which were pretty good).

One last East River Bar rant: Why is the Poor Man’s Pina Colada $9?