Mar 10

Oaxaca Taqueria Coming to 4th Ave [Brooklyn]

by Matt

Crappy pic courtesy of Eric at BrooklynLyceum’s iPhone

Brownstoner reports a new taco place coming to 4th ave. Of course, after I move from 4th ave! People are speculating if it’s the same Oaxaca from Smith St. I hope not because I’m about equidistant to Smith St so I’d like a new place to try!


  1. As the creator of the crappy photo you can blame me and not brownstoner. Damn iPhone.

  2. Butternut Market was supposed to be on the same block that Stizzy was going to be on, right? Did they run into the same peoblrms that prevented Stizzy from opening? (As far as I heard, those peoblrms were that the space needed a lot more work than they initially thought, and the money wasn’t there for them to proceed with it. If something else is the case, let me know).I live a couple of blocks north of here, and have been happy with the opening of Peaches and the general transformation of the neighborhood, but I’d really love for these places to open faster (especially since I m currently housebound with a long term illness).I also heard that Focaccino had opened up again, but I haven’t ordered from them yet.

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